Welcome to The Dentaltainer® App Page! Below are some FREE Apps to get you started. You can be watching your favorite television show in just minutes. Please click the pictures below to download  your favorite. You Tube, TV (Free) and Crackle have a variety of programming for Adults and Children, let them Dentaltain you today!  Most phones come preloaded with You Tube and that is a great place to start. Be sure to pick shows that are 30 Minutes or longer!

Apps for iPhone

You Tube – Movies, Television Shows, Videos and  Music Videos for Children and Adults. All Languages.

you tube






TV (FREE) from Tap Media – Lots of great content for children and adults. You can find just about anything. Spongebob, Dora,  Sesame Street to Duck Dynasty and much more.

Tap Media






Crackle  – Movies,  TV Shows, Marvel Cartoons and lots, lots, more for Children and Adults.







ABC – America’s Funniest Videos, Dancing with the Stars, General Hospital, The Middle, Last Man Standing  and many, many more.








ABC Family – Movies, Bunheads, The Lying Game, Melissa and Joey, Pretty Little Liars.

abc family







CBS – The Good Wife, Amazing Race, Vegas, CSI, Survivor, Two and a Half Men







NBC – The Office, The Apprentice, The Voice, Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock







The Disney Channel








Apps for Android

Google Play








 Apps for Windows









The icons below are not linked  but are a sample listing of  other FREE  Apps that are available for download at iTunesGoogle Play and Windows.  Visit their web sites to download your favorite!