Assisting Special Needs

The Dentaltainer® was created by Chip Hullender after many stressful trips to the dentist with his special needs son. After seeing the device in action dentists and hygienists encouraged him to bring it to market to help all dentists and dental patients.


A message from Chip

As special needs parents, one of the Top 5 most stressful and traumatic experiences we encounter with our child are the multiple trips to the dentist per year. Developmental delays made it almost impossible to relax or distract him long enough for basic dental procedures usually leading us to the dreaded ‘papoose’ (a board with straps used to restrain movement). Sure it protected him. But it also broke our heart.Most pediatric dentists have built-in entertainment systems designed to entertain children. But most of those can only play one movie or limited programming. Odds are slim to none they will be playing the special ‘wubby’ character program, movie or song de jour that my special needs kid requires to relax. That is, until the smart phone and steaming video came along.

“See a need. Fill a need.”
After experiencing this trauma repeatedly, we found we could hold up our phone and distract our child enough to wean that dreaded papoose. But who can hold their arms up that long? So I crafted a device I call The Dentaltainer® to do this for me. Unlike other clamps, I created this one to be light enough to attach to dental exam lights without weighing them down. It combines a lightweight C clamp with a universal mobile device holder that can be adjusted for viewing of smartphones in full view while having dental procedures done. Now I load my son’s favorite ‘wubby’ programming on my iPhone and he can relax enough to let them perform procedures without much resistance. When anxiety arises, the dental professionals are able to distract him with talk about the program -again distracting and relaxing him enough to proceed. Viewing his favorite programming makes him relax and even smile (which further helps with the procedure).

When his programming preferences change, a quick search of the web usually results in a stream of his new favorite program on the fly in minutes! He can view it laying down or sitting up and he loves it during those long waits for the dentist!

Our dental visits are so much easier and (almost) stress free. He still goes in with a lot of anxiety. But once he sees his favorite program is on, he relaxes and lays back to watch it. I am happy to report at our most recent visit he had two small fillings with no anesthesia!! This from a child who used to be restrained. It works!

The Dentaltainer® can also be used in restaurants and at home but that’s another story!

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