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Thank you for purchasing The Dentaltainer®!

Your package should contain: 1 c-clamp, 1 goose neck with tightening ring and quick release mount, 1 universal mobile device mount with 4 short arms for smartphones and 4 longer arms for tablets and 1 patient information sheet for display in your office.

Bending The Dentaltainer® –   It’s best bent by holding the goose neck at the thickest part of each end  and using your knee or dental chair armrest to bend it into the position you want.  Do NOT bend it by holding the c-clamp and phone holder. You can tighten the multi-directional tightening ring when it’s in the position you want.

Attaching it to the exam light – The Dentaltaine can be clamped anywhere on the exam light. Be sure to tighten securely. We recommend you mount to the vertical arm coming down to the exam light or on the ‘U’ frame holding the light to position The Dentaltainer under the light. Warning: Make certain that no part of The Dentaltainer®  is touching the light!

Tightening The Dentaltainer® –  When attaching it to round objects such as exam light poles or brackets DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! Doing so may cause the rubber pressure biscuit to detach from the tightening screw head. 

What if my light keeps coming down? You may need to adjust the tension in the light arm. Most will hold 16 oz. without moving down. Consult your owner’s manual for instructions.

The Dentaltainer® is distributed by High Point Innovators, Inc .-  Canton, GA.  –  888-609-6421