How much does The Dentaltainer® weigh?  10.0 ounces without a smartphone or mini tablet.

How much do  smartphones weigh?  Iphones 6 oz,   Andriod 7 oz,   Gallaxy 7.5 oz

How much does a mini tablet weigh? iPad mini 12 0z,   Kindle 9 oz,   Nook 8.5 oz

How wide does the custom C clamp open? 3.0 Inches

How far does the c-clamp  close?  3/4 Inches

How long is The Dentaltainer®? 19 Inches

Do I need Wi-Fi? Not if you already have movies, TV shows, music, or books loaded on your device. If not you will at least may need  a good signal from your phone carriers G network.

What If I don’t have Wi-Fi or a good signal?  Hopefully you can enjoy some music this visit and download some shows for your next visit. 🙂


Best Practices

Bending The Dentaltainer® –  It’s best bent by holding the goose neck at the thickest part of each end  and using your knee or dental chair armrest to bend it into the position you want.  Do NOT try to bend it by holding the c-clamp and phone holder.

Attaching it to the exam light – The Dentaltaine can be clamped anywhere on the exam light. We recommend the vertical tube coming down to the exam light or the ‘U’ frame holding the light to have The Dentaltainer® come under the light. Warning: If you go over the light make sure that no part of The Dentaltainer® is touching the light!


Shipping and Returns:

30 day unconditional money back guarantee!

Please allow 2-4 weeks delivery

If you are not completely satisfied with The Dentaltainer™ please return the product for a full refund. 

Contact Us  through the site or call 888-609-6421