How much does The Dentaltainer® weigh?  10.0 ounces without a smartphone or mini tablet.

How much do  smartphones weigh?  Iphones 6 oz,   Andriod 7 oz,   Gallaxy 7.5 oz

How much does a mini tablet weigh? iPad mini 12 0z,   Kindle 9 oz,   Nook 8.5 oz

How wide does the custom C clamp open? 3.0 Inches

How far does the c-clamp  close?  3/4 Inches

How long is The Dentaltainer®? 19 Inches

What if my light keeps coming down? You may need to adjust the tension in the light arm. Most lwill hold 16 oz without falling.

Do I need Wi-Fi? Not if you already have movies, TV shows, music, or books loaded on your device. If not you will at least may need  a good signal from your phone carriers G network.

What If I don’t have Wi-Fi or a good signal?  Hopefully you can enjoy some music this visit and download some shows for your next visit. 🙂