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  ** ATTENTION ** After sales in almost all U.S. States and on almost every continent over the last three years. And many, many happy dentists and dental patients. We regret to inform everyone that we have decided to discontinue manufacturing and sales through a store front. If you would like to purchase The Dentaltainer we do have some inventory available that you can purchase through Paypal. You can send us an email at or call 1-888-609-6421. THANK YOU! Chip Hullender


Designed to relax special needs dental patients, ALL patients and dentists enjoy its benefits! Dentists save thousands of dollars on expensive entertainment systems and their patients are all smiles watching what they choose to watch with The One, The Only, The Dentaltainer® mobile device holder!

 Fact: 53% of all Americans now own smartphones and that number is only going to grow. Patients are bringing their devices with them to your office and have the ability to watch all of their favorite programming on demand in minutes! 

 Fact: Cable and satellite systems cannot provide your patients all of the programming that is as unique as they are.


All dentists agree their biggest concern is patient comfort

 Give your patients the comfort and control of viewing what they want from their very own smartphones, tablets, mini tablets, iPads, Kindles and Nooks while having their dental procedures! Movies, TV shows, videos, music and even books can relax and help you engage your patients!


Lightweight and easy to use

 The Dentaltainer's® exclusive lightweight carbon plastic design is light enough to keep your exam light in position while your patient enjoys programming on their mobile device!


 Great ROI! For less than the cost of just one LCD, you can put one in every chair!

 One universal holder for smartphones, mini tablets and tablets!


   It's multi-directional and positional!

 Patients can view it sitting up or laying down


Keeps your office neat and clean!

No Cables, Cable Boxes, DVDs, Remotes or Wall mounts


Every Dentists Needs a Dentaltainer!

It's a 'Have to Have' for patients that require their own special programming to relax!


With worldwide sales to dentists and dental patients as The Dentaltainer® the newly re-branded UniPhab ~ Universal Phone and Tablet Holder is now available to everyone to keep all your phones and tablets safe, secure and accessible around your home and hobbies! 


Use it in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, craftroom, playroom, workshop or at the pool or restaurant! Use it on the stroller, boat, golfcart, bar or wheelchair!




The Dentaltainer® distributed by:

Highpoint Innovators, Inc - Atlanta, GA.



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Entertains Everyone!

In The Kitchen, Office

Playroom, Workshop

Boat, Stroller or Wheelchair

Keeps Phablets Secured!



Saves dentists money!

Patients watch what they want!

Relax and engage your patients!

Multi-directional and positional!

Patients can view it sitting up or laying down!


Protected with Antivirus